Springtime Preparations!

For all of you with farms you know that spring time is the time to have BABIES!!!  That means getting birthing spots ready, getting separate pens put up if needed, making sure bedding is dry (because as the snow melts and the spring showers start the last thing you want is a wet birthing spot), and lots of fresh water is available.  Not all moms need the same thing, so know your animals and what it needed for each.  Our bison do not need any assistance, any fresh bedding, or our help in any way – they just require lots of fresh water and of course we keep an eye on them, but in all of our years of working with and owning bison we have never had to help or have a reason for concern for them during delivery.  They like to go off by themselves and deliver, so we make sure all pens are open and they can have free range to go where they would like in  their pastures to deliver.

Of course our pigs are different – we separate out the soon-to-be moms and give them their own farrowing spot with their own hut.  This isn’t always the case with some pasture pig farmers, but we do it this way so that our sows have their own paddock and hut to have their babies and they don’t have to worry about another sow or boar stepping or laying on them.  Given the chance our pigs like to be by themselves to deliver so we provide that for them.  All of our pigs are always outside and deliver in A-frame housing.  We never give shots, but we do like to keep an eye on them as they get close to delivering and make sure they have a stress free delivery.

These are just two of the animals we raise on our farm, but as you can see they need much different things when it comes time to deliver.  Just make sure you know your animals and what is needed for each before it is time to deliver and possibly too late to help.

Spring time is the time of birth and joy —  just make sure it goes as smoothly as possible and be prepared to help or call a vet if needed!  Always have a vet’s number handy in case of an emergency!

Have Fun and Happy Birthing!!!