White Bull Calf – Sold

We one White Bull Calf available from this spring, 2022. He was born in May and is ready for his new home anytime now! He is available for $10,000.

We sell our white heifer calves for $8000 each and our white bull calves for $10,000 each. Please email [email protected] or call (715)674-2287 for additional information!

Additional calves will be arriving Spring 2023!

 We have calves arriving in the spring again and it is always fun to see if we have girls or boys as well as if they are brown or white!  We do contracts for our bison, so if you are interested in purchasing some, whether they be brown or white, please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to answer all of your questions!

Bison Meat For Sale
We do not have any bison available at this time!

Sold Out – 1/4 Package Bundle

Meat Cuts                       Approximate Weights in Lbs.

Porterhouse                                        1.5 – 2

T-Bone                                                 1.5 – 2

Sirloin                                                  4-5

Ribeye                                         1.5 – 2

Various Roasts                                   10-12

Stew Meat                                           3 – 5

Loose Burger                                      40

Patties                                                  10

Approximate total weight is 71 – 78 lbs

Your total cost is $995.00 (shipping not included)

Individual Bison Cuts For Sale

Burger: Ground – $12.00/pound

Patties – $12.75/pound

Stew Meat: $14.00/pound

Steaks: Sirloin Steak – $15.00/pound

Ribeye Steak – $20.00/pound

T-bone Steak – $20.00/pound

Porterhouse Steak – $20.00/pound