2017 in Review

“WBF Suaimhneas Over the Silky Irish Land”   

GVHS Registered Gypsy Vanner Filly

Found her forever home in the wonderful state of Indiana!

Congratulations Jennifer and Family!

“WBF The Boss’s Sweet Independence”  

The handsome young man found his new family in  the great state of California!

Congratulations Terry and Family!




“The Boss’s Remington”  

We couldn’t be happier with Remington’s new family in Montana!!  Congratulations to Angie and Family!






A review of 2016

“WBF The Boss’s Sweet Merida”  

GVHS registered Gypsy Vanner filly

who has found her forever home in New York!

Congratulations Mary Jo!




“WBF Legend of the Silky Crystal”

GVHS registered gelding!  Legend has

found his forever home in the great

state of New Mexico!

Congratulations Millete!



“Clononeen Fizz”

GVHS Registered Gypsy Vanner Mare.

Fizz now lives in the wonderful state of Virginia with her forever family!



2015 at a glance



       “WBF Doubloon’s Sweet Olaf”   

GVHS Registered Gelding

Olaf has found his forever home in Ohio!

Congratulations Maggie!






BH Phantom’s Doubloon”    

Fabulous triple registered Gypsy stallion!

Doubloon moved to his new home in Florida and is continuing to produce some amazing foals!

Congratulations Mike!




“WBF Silky’s Magick Patrick”   

GVHS registered Gelding! Patrick is happily residing in his new home in New York!  Congratulations Barb!





“WBF The Boss King’s Spring Charm”   

GVHS registered filly!  This amazing young lady is enjoying her new family in Missouri!  Congratulations to Debbie!







“WBF Lenny’s Deaglan”   

Deaglan has found his forever home in New York and is going to produce some amazing foals of his own next year!  Congratulations Mary Jo!






“WBF Doubloon’s Lucky Dream”                                                                      This GVHS registered gelding is now moved in with his new family in New York.  Lucky is an amazing boy and is going to do a great job with his new family!  Congratulations Susan & Steve!






“WBF Silky Irish Mist”   

Mist has found her forever home with her sister in Pennsylvania!  These girls are going to spend the rest of their lives together and are going to be loved every minute of their lives by their family!






“WBF Clover of the Silky High Kings” 

Little Clover has moved to her new home in Pennsylvania with her new family!  She is loved and cherished and is enjoying her human family as well as her new “horse” family – especially her new brother, Sequel!





 “WBF Ireland’s Crystal Trinity”   

This amazing young lady has found her new home and will be moving in January, 2016 to join her forever family!  She will be joining both Cedric and Star and we couldn’t be happier for her or her new family!





2014 homes

        “The Bosses Heritage”

GVHS Registered Stallion

This beautiful stallion found his new home in the spring of 2014!  Congratulations Brooke!




“WBF Irish’s Silky little Tea Party”    

GVHS Registered Filly

This fantastic little filly has moved to her forever home in PA!  Congratulations Jen and family!!!





  “Princebella’s Duchess”     

GVHS Registered Mare

Our beautiful Bella found her forever home in the state of Vermont! Congratulations to Karen!




     “Tomorrow’s Dream”    

GVHS and GHA Registered Mare

We couldn’t be happier with the wonderful home Dream has found in Pennsylvania!  Congratulations Julie!




New homes in 2013



“WBF Sid’s Sweet Hero”   

Our beautiful gelding, Hero, found his forever home this year!  Congratulations to

Jodi, Eric, and Reagan in PA!



 “GHGV The Sequel”

GVHS registered 2009 gelding Sequel has found his forever family and now resides near Pittsburgh, PA!

Congratulations to Samantha and family!



“Estrella Vallon”   

IDHA registered Drum Mare

“Star” now resided in the beautiful state of Virginia with Cedric!

Congratulations to Kelly and Christine!




                                                                           “WBF Sir Royal’s Sweet Cedric”   

GVHS Registered 2013 colt

Cedric now resides in the beautiful state of Virginia with Star!

Congratulations for Christine and Kelly!





       “WBF Dream of Dublin”    

GVHS Registered 2013 Gypsy Horse

Dublin now resides in the gorgeous state of Vermont with Wish!

Congratulations Dan and Jill!



“WBF Wish of the High Kings”   

GVHS Registered 2013 Filly

Wish now resides with Dublin in the gorgeous state of Vermont!!!

Congratulations to Jill and Dan!

OUR 2012

       “WBF Sid’s Sweet Hero”

GHRA registered Gypsy Vanner Horse

Born 7/5/11

*Sold* – Congratulations to Andrew and Kathy from Oregon!




GVHS Registered Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born 6/15/11

*Sold* – Congratulations to Lisa and Frank from Long Island, NY


“WBF High Kings Silky Raine”

GVHS Registered Gypsy Vanner Filly

Born August 2nd, 2012

Congratulations to Mary Jo in Upstate New York!


2011 at a Glance


WBF Witch’s Lyric – GHA registered gypsy filly

Born 6/25/10

*SOLD* – congratulations Mary Jo from New York



Rosie’s Sweet Peep  – APHA Registered Paint Mare

*SOLD –  Congratulations Missy from Pennsylvania


 Aces Prince  – GVHS Registered Gelding

Born 4/26/10

*SOLD*  – congratulations Shelly from Pennsylvania


“Lil Buzz Last Chance”

Registered Paint Colt

Born 5/23/11

SOLD – congratulations to Angie from Pennsylvania



Horses – 2010


Paint Filly – Tanga

Registered Paint Mare  – Echo