American Bison

Are you among the millions of people trying to lower your fat and cholesterol intake?  Do you have a family history of heart disease?  Been diagnosed with a heart condition, high cholesterol or high blood pressure?  Try BISON!!!  Bison is lower in fat and cholesterol then beef, pork, or even chicken.  Bison is lower in calories yet is not dry or tough when properly cooked.  Because bison meat has little fat to insulate it, it must be cooked over a slower heat to preserve the natural juices.

People are rapidly discovering the deliciously healthy taste of bison/buffalo.  Bison tastes similar to fine beef and can be prepared in much the same way.

Our bison are handled as little as possible and spend all of their day grazing on grass.  We only feed organic hay and they do have free choice minerals and salt.  They are not given any drugs, chemicals, or hormones.  This makes bison the ideal meat for anyone concerned about what is going into their meat and into their mouth.

Research by Dr. M. Marchelo at North Dakota State University has shown the following nutritional comparisons: updated 2007


 Species  Fat(g)  Protien(g)  Calories(kcal)  Cholesterol(mg)  Iron(mg)  Vit. B12(mcg)
 Bison  2.42  28.44  143  82  3.42  2.86
 Beef(choice)  28.44 27.21  283  87  2.72  2.50
 Beef(select)  8.09  29.89  201  86  2.99  2.64
 Pork  9.66  29.27  212  86  1.1  0.75
 Chicken(skinless)  7.41  28.93  190  89  1.21  0.33
 Sockeye Salmon  10.97  27.31  216  87  .55  5.80