If you would like any additional information on our upcoming foals or would like to do a contract for one of the foals in-utero please feel free to contact us at (715)674-2287 or apache_jc@yahoo.com!

WBF Caoimhe is the Crystal King – Under Contract

This beautiful young lady was born on April 18th, 2022. Her name Caoimhe is pronounced Kee-va and means beautiful in the Gaelic or Irish language. It couldn’t be more accurate of this young lady. Having a name that depicts who the horse is and what kind of character they have is extremely important for us at White Bison Farm.   Time, Love, and Laughter goes into each and every name and most of the time, the names fit perfectly! 

We also understand the importance of training right from the beginning, so we imprint all of our foals at birth.  They are worked with continually using natural horsemanship methods and each and every horse that leaves our farm has a good understanding of all of the ground exercises as well as being desensitized to every and anything we can think of.  Keeva was imprinted at birth and is doing wonderful in yielding her front and hind quarters, backing to pressure, moving on forward with a butt rope, lifting her feet, and many, many desensitizing activities. She takes everything in stride and comes running to greet me each and every time I see her. She is doing great with all of her new experiences and loves to learn! 

All of our horses are negative for PSSM and they are all registered with the GVHS.  Keeva is for sale for $10,000. Her lineage goes back to The Lion King and Lenny’s Horse.

Sold Horses

This young filly has been sold, but we will have more foals this spring! Check back for 2022 babies arriving soon!

Having the horse of your dreams is now a reality. Many hours each day are spent working with our horses to ensure they learn all of the beginning ground work exercises. We are very apt at coming up with new and entertaining ways to practice desensitizing and want our horses to understand that most things in life are not scary. Imprint training is done with all of our foals and is extremely important in starting the foals off right.

Laoise (lee-sha) means “radiant girl”.