Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs

Grass Fed Pork, Pasture Pork, Natural Pork, Grazing Pig, all of these names apply to the Idaho Pasture Pigs.

Idaho Pasture Pigs are a newer breed of pig specifically designed to grow and mature at a faster rate than the Kunekune pigs, but are still true Grazing pigs.  These pigs mature to market weight within about 9 – 10 months(eating primarily grass) and eat less grain than the average meat hog does.  Butcher weight is about 230-250 pounds. They are also smaller in size at maturity comparatively than the average meat hog. Sows should mature to about 250-350 pounds and a boar should mature to about 350-450 pounds.

Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP’s) are a combination of the original Duroc, old Berkshire, and Kunekune breeds.  The founder of the IPP’s spent years perfecting the combination to get a fast growing, friendly, and most importantly GRAZING meat pig.  Idaho Pasture Pigs come in a variety of colors including black/white, ginger, tri-colored, cream, and any combination of these colors.

They have a disposition similar to the Kunekune pigs in that they are loveable, extremely gentle, and love attention.  They also have inherited the shorter, upturned snouts similar to the Kunekune pigs, but more of a medium-length as compared to the shorter Kunekune snouts.  This allows them to be pasture based and graze the pastures and eat legumes and grasses very well.  They love grass and will graze just like the other animals we have on our farm.  They farrow easily and have less complications with birthing provided they maintain a healthy weight.
Tired of having your fields look like a plow went through?  Still want to be able to grow your own pork?  Then the Idaho Pasture Pig is definitely the answer!!!  Provided your pigs are getting the necessary minerals they need, there is very little rooting up your fields – just nicely grazed pastures that look like horses or bison live there!

We are extremely dedicated to providing the best quality in terms of breed stock.  Conformation, temperament, grazing ability, and growth rate are immensely important and all factor into the decision we make when determining breeding quality versus feeder quality.

We sell registered breeding gilts, registered breeding boars, registered breeding pairs, and barrows (piglets) for meat.  We are taking deposits now on our upcoming litters.  For additional information please feel free to email or call.


                    **Registered Breeding Pairs**

We are now taking deposits for fall 2024 piglets and will be happy to help you get the best in lineage, conformation, and personality!!   Please contact us directly for availability.  We used to fly pigs all over the United States, but due to changes in airline travel in the past couple of years, we now recommend new owners find a reputable hauler to ship with if personal pick up isn’t an option.

Pricing is $500 for a gilt, $400 for a boar, or $800 for a breeding pair!  ALL of our breed stock pigs are registered!  We also sell barrows for $150 each. On occasion we have bred gilts for sale for $1500 each.


Jodi is the author of a Raising Pigs on Green Pastures.  This is a book outlining many important things to know about raising pigs outside on Green Pastures.  A link to purchase the book is:


Minerals & Feed across the United States

The following links will give you access to locations across the United States that have been tried and tested by other owners/breeders raising these amazing pigs.  One link contains the specific minerals and the second link provides you with feed mills that have feed specifically formulated to best benefit the diet of these wonderful pigs if you are hand feeding a small amount of feed a day.  The Idaho Pasture Pigs thrive on a diet of primarily grass, but they do need to get the necessary minerals in their diet to ensure their optimum health and growth.

IPP Swine Minerals Across the United States (1)

IPP Swine Feed Across the US (1)

We started the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry to preserve the IPP. Here is our story!