Pasture Pork

Here at White Bison Farm we know how important what goes into your pigs is, but we also feel it is equally important how the pigs are raised.  We have all of our pigs out on pasture all year long.  They have acres of fresh green grass in the spring, summer, and fall months.  We feed alfalfa hay during the winter and they do receive a small amount of grain daily to supplement the minerals they need.  We do not use farrowing pens, instead our pigs farrow (give birth) in a big shed or our A-frame housing that provides ample room for the sow to move around, farrow, and rest comfortably in with her piglets.  They have the ability to go in and out of their shed continually, but most of them prefer to deliver in the safety of the shed.  We are present for almost all of the births and the sows are just as gentle and comfortable with us during the delivery as they are the rest of the time.  We provide a very stress-free environment and that provides a stress free meat when it is time to butcher.

The meat itself is a richer, more flavorful, marbleized meat.  It is not dry and stringy like traditional pork and because they eat grass the meat is higher in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

All of our meat is USDA inspected and is in vacuum sealed packages.

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