KuneKune pigs originated in New Zealand.  Today they can be found in New Zealand, Great Britian, and the United States.

KuneKune pigs are extremely friendly and gentle.  They are larger then other small pig breeds, but are still small according to pig standards.  They average about 100 – 175 pounds.

KuneKune pigs are grazers – meaning they eat the grass instead of rooting the ground as most other pig breeds do, making them very easy to raise as well as being kind to the land.  These pigs are not your average color either.  The colors can range from black, ginger, brown, white, gold, and tan.  They also are able to have spots, stripes, marbling, or be solid.  The other main difference in their hair is that it can range from long, short, curly, or straight.

The biggest difference in the appearance of the KuneKune pig is the presence of tassles or wattles that are found on the underside of their chins on both the left and right sides.  Some of the other differences in appearance include a shorter turned-up nose, a short, round body, and short legs.

KuneKunes love to be outdoors and are able to live in a wide range of climates.  We live in northern Wisconsin and have “all four seasons” and our pigs do great.  These adorable pigs are able to be potty trained and make wonderful indoor pets also.  Because these pigs are so friendly and gentle we have never had any problems with our young children being in their pens and playing in their homes with them.  They are great with our dog, cats, horses, and bison (as some of our pictures will demonstrate).

We have taken our pigs to a variety of events and people are always amazed with just how friendly and loveable these pigs are.  Come and see our wonderful KuneKunes and experience their funny and gentle personalities for yourself.