Free-Range Chickens 

As with everything else we do – our chickens are outside enjoying the sunshine and nature.  All of our chickens are free-range in every sense of the word.  We don’t use chicken tractors or small run-ins, (not that there is anything wrong with them) instead we have a “home” they roost in at night and every morning we open the door and let them out to roam with our pigs, horses, and bison for the day.  They are amazing at cleaning up the bugs, picking apart the poop, and eating down the fence rows.  The amount of grass our chickens eat is absolutely amazing!  Most of our birds are raised for a few months each summer for meat and are butchered at the end of summer or beginning of fall.  We are taking orders now for the fall butcher.  Last year we sold out of our meat chickens within 30 days of butcher, so reserve yours now.

We have a crew of “girls” who are our laying hens and we started out with just a few, but have quickly grown in size.  We have a mixture of buff orpington, black australorps, leg horns, brahmas, cochins, black copper marans, blue splash marans, ameraucanas, and Icelandic chickens.  We are extremely pleased with the personality of all of our breeds as well as their productivity and size of their eggs. We do sell eggs for $2.50 a dozen.

We have a variety of breeds and will be selling butchered meat birds in the fall.   If interested, please let us know as soon as possible to guarantee you will get some when they are ready!